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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Did you know that the lint screen in your dryer only catches about 25% of the lint? The remaining 75% goes into your dryer vent and sticks to the vent walls. The U.S. Fire Administration (part of FEMA) cites 2900 home dryer fires caused by dirty dryer vents every year – some of these fires resulting in injury and even death.

Warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned include:

  1. Drying times are taking longer.
  2. Your dryer is getting hot when you’re using it and your clothes are being damaged.
  3. You can’t see any steam or hear any noise outside your house at the wall vent when   you run the dryer.

Our process:  We begin by detaching your dryer from the vent so that we can access the ENTIRE length of the vent with our specialized tools.  To ensure we have done our job correctly, we use an air flower meter to measure windspeed in the vent both before and after cleaning. By using this measurement we can accurately track building and air restriction in the vent and give you peace of mind that the vent has been thoroughly cleaned.