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Holiday Lights

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Holiday Lights

We have installed hundreds of thousands of lights over the past decade and maintain a large clientele of satisfied repeat customers. Holiday lights are our most popular service! If you would like to join our holiday light family then we can automatically provide the service for you each year – its that easy!

Our Process:  We use a specific installation system and light type to ensure the best customer experience for you and perfection for your holiday home decor.  If you do not already have lights we can provide/sell you a commercial grade set of lights at our wholesale cost plus 10% for time and labor.  We then custom build the lights to fit each detail of your home.


Pricing:  All material is sold to you initially at our wholesale cost. This does not include the yearly install and take down price.  You only pay for material once during your initial installation. We provide commercial grade lights at our wholesale cost as an incentive for you to use our specific lights for the following benefits:

  1. They can be custom built precisely for your home including the exterior electrical outlet locations.
  2. We are extremely familiar with our product and have gone to great lengths to select a commercial grade product that gives our customers the very best quality for the value. As a result, it takes less time to install and take down your lights each season saving you money on labor and keeping our prices competitive.
  3. What we offer is truly the best value for your money. Commercial grade lasts longer then the residential lights available to you at your local box store. *** Please not that each year there may be a variance in the purchase price for new lights based on shipping, volume of work, and supply and demand.

Led vs. incandescent cost comparison:  On average it takes approximately 6-9 holiday seasons (6 weeks per year) of your energy/electric bill to earn back the up-front investment of LED lights compared to the C7 (5) watt incandescent bulbs.

Example:  If you run 200 (5) watt incandescent bulb lights for 6 hours a day for 30 days you spend an average of $17.28 a month on energy/electricity.  For 200 (C9) LED Bulbs you will spend an average of $2.34 a month on energy. That is an average estimated savings of $15 a month when using the LED.Over time the cost between LED and incandescent lights ends up being the same, you just spend the money upfront with LED or over time with Incandescent.

Advantage:  The big advantage of LED bulbs is that we can add more lights without overloading a breaker.  We can also use a C9 LED bulb which is bigger and brighter than the C7incandescent bulb. We use the C7 size incandescent bulb to avoid overloading the breaker, it is still a great look, with ample light and very popular!

LED vs. Incandescent bulb replacements:  In a temperature controlled room with zero exposure to water and the lights never being touched after installation, LED bulbs are rated to last 50,000 hours, vs the incandescent bulb at 3,000 hours.  However, those ratings change when each bulb is exposed to normal everyday elements.  Meaning that an LED bulb can still go out prematurely but not as frequently as incandescent due to the weather, manufacturer defects, travel & delivery.  Each year we collect feedback and do research to ensure that the product we use is the very best product for our customers!  As a result we are confident we are offering the best value to ensure our customers receive the best overall quality and experience.  *Note: we replace all known defective bulbs at the time of installation.

Icicle Lights:  Icicle lights are unreliable.They are 2.5 times more costly for the product and labor vs. a traditional two way wire light set.  Icicle lights are on a circuit wire system which means when the light or wire is damaged or the connection becomes loose then they go out in sections.  Once this happens they  most likely cannot be repaired.  With the demand for our holiday light services each year, we do not have the capacity to service such a sensitive product.  Our goals are to provide a hassle free holiday light experience, and offer the best value and most durable/reliable product to our customers.  Icicle lights simply do not measure up to our standards.

Can I provide my own lights and hire Master Butler to install them:  Yes, we will install your existing lights if they are a commercial gauge SPT 1 or SPT 2 -two way wire, click here for example

Be aware that big box retail stores such as Costco do sell circuit wire which is comparable to what you see in icicle lights because it is much cheaper to produce.  The problem with this is that when something goes wrong they cannot be fixed.  The home owner then has to purchase a new set of replacement lights and pay for additional labor to have them reinstalled.  The light sets that we provide allow us to repair all parts of the light – the wire, the bulb, the plugs and the outlets.  In addition to the longevity of the commercial grade two way wire lights we provide, our custom lights allow us to fit the lights to your home precisely.

Which bulb looks better the LED vs. Incandescent:  It really comes down to what you prefer!Incandescent lights give a classic, traditional look with more of a sparkle.  LED gives more of a globe look, however the new white LED lights we offer are a warm white bulb which looks closer in appearance to an incandescent they look amazing.

Color vs clear lights:  The color on traditional colored incandescent bulbs will flake off over time. The colored LED lights have a neon/florescent appearance which may take some time to get used to if you have previously had traditional colored incandescent bulbs.

What is my professional opinion?  If you want low start up cost then select incandescent.  If you are looking for energy efficiency and a comparable cost savings over time then select LED.  With LED you are ultimately getting a bigger and brighter bulb resulting in a better overall value.

More info on the type of lights we offer:

-Custom Wiring:

-C7 Incandescent Bulbs:–clear-christmas-bulbs-5941.htm

-C9 Led Bulbs:

We appreciate your time and consideration for our holiday lights products & services!