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Pressure Washing

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Due to the humid Northwest climate we recommend pressure washing your driveway, porches, sidewalks and decks (all flat surfaces) annually.  We understand some surfaces are more delicate than others and require special care or controlled pressure to prevent unnecessary damage.  Know you can trust us with your various surface needs!

Warning signs your flat services need pressure washing:

  1. Dirt, debris, oil and other items collect in small amounts and mixes with water (rain) to create a sticky film that cannot be removed with a garden hose.
  2. You notice a general discoloration in your concrete from gray to dark grey or black.

Our process:  After a decade of experience in the pressure washing industry we decided to design our own custom pressure washers directly mounted onto each of our vehicles with onboard water tanks. These custom machines meet the specific needs of our clients…and we LOVE THE RESULTS!