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Roof Moss Treatment

//Roof Moss Treatment
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To maximize the full life span of your roof you should pro-actively treat moss on an annual basis.   If you wait until the moss is visible then it has already begun to cause damage.

Warning signs of moss:

  1. You can visibly see decay due to the moisture that moss holds onto .
  2. Moss holds itself to the roof using root-like structures called rhizoids.  Rhizoids grow into the tiny cracks of the roof line and begin to break it apart, these are difficult to see but can be felt when you go to pull a piece of moss off the roof and it is resistant.
  3. You see moss growth under the edges of the shingles loosening them and enabling the breakdown of the structures of your roof causing it to rot.

Our process:  We use a proprietary blend called Moss Off not to be confused with Moss Out. Moss Off is created locally in the Northwest and has proven to work gently yet powerfully while getting the job done.  Moss Off is applied as a white powder and will sit on the roof until rain activates the moss treatment and, with time, turns the moss from green (alive) to brown (dead). Once the moss is dead it may eventually fall/blow off your roof.  This is the safest and gentlest way to treat moss on a roof without causing unnecessary damage.

*Depending on the severity of the moss growth we have additional services we offer but are rarely recommended.