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Windows should be cleaned on an annual basis, however, we believe if you would like them cleaned more frequently it is a personal preference.

Warning signs:

  1. Does your home sit close to a highway, busy street or construction zone. If so look for a fine residue of dust that builds up over time.
  2. If your home has trees that drip sap, or sits amongst large amounts of mulch then check your windows for a sticky residue or layer of dirt.
  3. Mineral deposits left by sprinklers or rain.
  4. Look for dirty/cloudy glass due to finger prints left by guests or little ones along with pet paw prints and drool.

Our Process:  As the leading professionals in the industry no detail goes unnoticed with our thorough cleaning process combined with over a decade of experience!  We use the “squeegee method” with commercial grade tools, specific solutions to cut through the tough Northwest grime and specialized techniques to address even the toughest spots. Upon completion we wipe down the window seals and jams leaving the entire unit clean!